img Best Tourist Places to visit in Rishikesh
This holy place is situated along the confluence of the river Ganga and river Chandrabhaga. This city is located in the foothills of Himalayas and it is the hub of many ancient temples. Yoga ashrams, popular cafes and also popular for adventure sports.
This city is a perfect and beautiful blend of spiritual and adrenaline-pumping experience. Here you can find growing white water rafting industries and camping and café spots and thus this city has grown immensely as the most favorite and catering to people with different requirements.
Over many years, this city becomes the most popular as the top spiritual destination in the world. As this place is situated on the holy bank of river Ganga, so this city also becomes a hub of saints and here you can find numerous ashrams which are teaching Yoga, spirituality, meditation, and Ayurveda.
In the last few years, this city also developed as the hub of adventure sports in India as here you will get multiple options which include white water rafting, Bungee jumping, Mountain biking, flying fox, etc and many more.
Best Tourist Places to visit in Rishikesh
Lakshman Jhula
This is a very popular hanging bridge across the river Ganga and it connects two villages, tapovan in the Tehri Garhwal district and another one Jonk in the Pauri Garhwal district. This Lakshman jhula is very popular among tourists because of its rich mythological association. Many important places which you can visit around the Lakshman Jhula are Terah Manzil temple, Ram jhula, and the Lakshman temple. The entire area is full of mysteries, serene and holy feelings.
Ram Jhula
This is a suspension bridge that runs across the holy river Ganga and it connects Shivananda Nagar to Swargashram. This place will offer you a splendid bird’s eye view of mighty Ganga and the serene nature at the foothills of Vast Himalayan ranges.
Triveni Ghat
Triveni Ghat is very significant in Hindu religion as it is a site where there is a confluence of three sacred holy significant rivers of India, the Ganga, the Yamuna, and the Saraswati. This place is the most sacred bathing spot in Rishikesh and it is situated on the bank of Ganga. Maha aarti happens here every evening is also much popular among devotees.
Parmarth Niketan Ashram
This ashram is spiritual heaven and it dedicated to the welfare of all living creatures. This ashram is located in the foothills of Himalayas and along the sacred river Ganga and it provides facilities to help pilgrims to attain their spiritual goals and make their journey memorable.
Yoga centers
Rishikesh is also popular as Yoga city and is a major hub of Yoga centers in India. This is the best way for those who are seeking ways to rejuvenate their mind, soul, and body. Rishikesh is a perfect spot for the Yoga center because of its unpolluted air and serene location so close to nature.
So these are the most popular spot which you can enjoy in Rishikesh. Please like, share and comment on your best experience in Rishikesh.


img Top Tourist Places to visit on Himalaya in Uttarakhand
If you are planning for a vacation and looking for a beautiful spot with scenic beauty and spots to show your adventure skills, then the Himalayas is the perfect destination for you. It is not difficult to find an amazing natural and beautiful place in India. We are having the snow-capped Himalayas in the North and it is also a perfect destination for adventure lovers.
Roopkund, Uttarakhand
It is a beautiful lake surrounded by mysteries and this lake will offer you bone-chilling experience even when the sun is on top of its shining over the rest of India. This lake is a pristine yet famous glacier lake located in Uttarakhand. It is also one of the most popular trekking destinations in India.
Chopta valley
This valley is full of surprises and it will offer you a myriad of options to explore. This place is blessed with sheer tranquility and scenic beauty and is one of the best options for vacation. It is a paradise for trekkers and all adventure lovers and is perfect for beginners in trekking.
This place is a window to the snow and here you can get a panoramic view of Nanda Devi, Trishul, and the Panchachuli peaks. This is a dreamland for writers and it looks magical when sun colors the snow-laden peaks of Himalayas in golden color.
It is also popular as Little Kashmir and it is an attractive hamlet. Here during summer, there is a blooming of rhododendrons which make is a perfect holiday destination. It is a perfect place for bird watchers and nature lovers. This place is also popular among adventure lovers.
This holy city houses everything from adventure to serenity and it is an ideal destination to escape from the crowd and polluted cities. It is a gateway to the Himalayas and is also a popular pilgrimage and favorite tourist spot.
It is a top skiing destination in India and it is nestled at an altitude of approx 3049m above sea level and this small town will offer you an amazing scenic vista of the Himalayas.
Valley of flower
This place is popular for its natural and scenic beauty and here you can get everything starting from fresh air to snow-clad mountains and colorful flowers along with lush greenery that all make this place outstanding.
This place-name means “Moonrock” and this place is located on the summit of Tungnath. It is a popular spot for trekking.
Kedarnath peak
This place as all know is one of the holiest shrines where lord shiva is worshipped. Here present the temple is one of the Holiest Pilgrimage centers in north India and this area is located on the head of the Mandakini river.
Nanda Devi
It is the highest mountain in Uttarakhand and also popular as the highest mountain peak that is completely in India.
Conclusion SO these are some popular spots which you can enjoy during your Himalaya trip. Please like, share and also comment on your best experience in Himalayas.

Nankmatta U.S. Nagar

img Best Tourist Places to visit in Nanakmatta
This place is of high religious significance for Sikhs and this place is also home to very popular Gurudwara and a dam. This place is enriched with history and culture which all defines its past in new light and knowledge.
In the past, this place was home to many yogis and sages. They were devotees of Guru Gorakhnath and they continue its spiritual importance with this Gurudwara Nanakmatta Sahib. People have faith that the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak dev came here for meditation. Here you can also see a very popular dam in the vicinity and is a popular touristic site for tourists and is a perfect spot for angling. Today this place is adorned with multiple Gurudwara and each is having their own story. Here thousands of devotees come to pay homage. If you are planning to visit this place and then you must not forget to visit the Nanakmatta shrine to experience tranquility and peace.
Best Tourist Places to visit in Nanakmatta
NanakMatta Dam
This one of the most attractive and popular places of this town and this dame is built on river Saryu eventually forming Nanak Sagar. This place is not just a dam but also a place for people to relax. This place is a perfect spot for a picnic, fishing, and boating and it all adds beauty to this charming town.
Nanakmatta Gurudwara
This Gurudwara is a historical holy shrine for Sikhs and large numbers of devotees visit here to offer their prayers. This place-name is named after this Gurudwara. This place is enriched with history and you must visit this place to experience peace.
Doodh wala Khuan
The name of this place means “well of milk” and it has a very fascinating legend attached to it. It is believed that once Bhai Mardana expressed his wish for milk to Nanak Ji, then Nanak Ji suggests him to ask from yogis as they had a large number of cows. But Yogis turned down his request and insult him, then Nanak Ji with his spiritual powers drew all the milk from their cows and store that in well.
Baoli Sahib
This place is located near the Nanak Sagar dam on the banks of the Ghaghar river. This place was dried by yogis and they challenged Nanak Ji to bring water back. Nanak dev Ji asks Bhai Marada to drag the spade behind him to get the river back. This place was constructed after this.
Peepal Tree- Sri Baba Almast Ji Sahib Gurudwara
All popular place here is having their history and this all make this place a sacred place. This was dried peepal was Nanak Ji meditate and turn this peepal green with his holy people.
So these are some popular places which you must visit during your Uttarakhand trip. Please like, share and comment on which place in Nanakmatta attracts you most.


img Top tourist places to visit in Haridwar
Haridwar is one among the seven holiest cities in India and it is an ancient city nestles on the bank of River Ganga in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Here you can see lots of ashrams, temples and narrow lanes across the city. This place is popular among devotees and here devotees in large numbers come to take a dip in holy Ganga. People have faith that dips in holy HAr ki Pauri relieves you from all of your sins.
Every evening, a here big crowd of devotees assemble for the famous Ganga aarti at the river banks (Ghats) and all the devotees pray to the Ganga. This spiritual city also hosts the mega gathering during most famous Kumbh Mela where millions of visitors from all over the country gather.
Apart from a religious view, this place is also popular for its food and it offers you some of the must-try dishes which include Kachoris at Kashyap Kachoriwala and aloo puri at Mohanji Puriwala.
Top tourist places to visit in Haridwar
Ganga Aarti
This aarti is performed at Har ki Pauri ghat. Every evening, when the last rays of the sun reflect off the boundless water of the Ganga river, people start gathering for the aarti. It is a ritual of sound and light where the priest performs aarti with bowls of fire and ringing of temple bells.
Har ki Pauri
This place is regarded is one of the most sacred ghats in Haridwar and a large number of tourist and devotees visit here for the blessing of holy river Ganga. Here devotees dip in river Ganga and it is believed that dip in Ganga washes away all sins.
Chandi Devi Temple
This temple is devoted to Maa Durga form Chandi. It is an ancient hill-top temple and it is famous for its wish-fulfilling belief. This temple is also popular as Neel Parvat teerth and is one among the five pilgrimages of Haridwar and also known as Siddha Peetha. This place is also the preferred choice for trekking tourists.
Mansa Devi Temple
It is also one of the famous Siddhapeeths located at Shivalik hills. This temple is devoted to goddess Manasa, a companion of Nag King Vasuki and it is also famous to grant wishes of devotees. Goddess here fulfills all the wishes of a sincere and dedicated person.
Kumbh Mela
Kumbh Mela organized here has gained international fame as the world’s most massive act of faith. Here pilgrims travel a long distance and bear many physical discomforts just for one dip in the holy river Ganga.
Rajaji National park
This park is abundantly rich in flora and fauna and it is a perfect great holiday destination for all nature lovers and also all wildlife enthusiasts. This place is famous for its wildlife which includes tigers and elephants. Here you will get the opportunity to explore the wilderness and rich diversity of Himalayan rare species.
So these are some popular spots you must visit during your Haridwar tour. Please like, share and comment on your best Haridwar experience.