Dehradun City

img Dehradun, located amidst the doon valley, is the capital of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. This district is a popular hill station that attracts solo travelers, couples and is also a perfect vacation destination for families. This area is situated at the altitude of 1400 feet above sea level and will offer you pleasant climate all year around. This is the perfect destination for those who are exploring for family-friendly tourist spots and also for those who wish for a thrilling adventure. This is perfect sites for couples and they can watch a mesmerizing sunset together amidst the mountain.
In the core of Dehradun, there is 6 sided Ghanta Ghar clock tower and to the southwest is Paltan Bazaar, a very crowdy shopping area. There is Sikh temple Gurudwara Nanaksar in east and Dehradun is topped with ornate white and golden domes.
As this city is located in the foothills of the Himalayas, it also possesses caves, waterfalls, and natural springs. Here a very popular spot is Robber’s cave and it is a natural cave surrounded by hills. Here you can dip your feet in ice-cold water and feel the sense of nature. The nature lover will also love to visit its another popular spot, Lacchiwala and here you can sit and see relaxing sunset around the manmade lake and you can enjoy the scenery of lush greenery around it.

Massoorie Dehradun

img Mussoorie is an most popular hill station situated in the Dehradun district of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. This hill station is nestled in the foothills of the Garhwali Himalayan range. This is a perfect vacation spot for those who prefer tranquil hills, untouched nature and this area will offer you an amazing holiday experience that is unadulterated in the truest sense. This area is also popularly known with the name of queens of the hills and it stands at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level. The climate here is cool, pleasant throughout the year. It’s pristine, natural beauty makes this area perfect for vacations and honeymoons.
Mussoorie is the perfect spot for those who love to enjoy the amazing sight of the rolling green slopes collocate with the snow-capped peaks of Himalayas.
Mussoorie is a popular vacation spot since the British era and that can be seen from the multitude of British remnants like as archaic architecture of all the hotels and many churches dotting the entire terrain. The best place you can visit in Mussorie is Kempty falls where you can take a dip in water falling from a height of 40 feet and a mall road that is the perfect destination for shopaholics.
Top tourist places to visit in Mussoorie Lal tibba
This is a great tourist spot located on the top of Depot hill and it is situated approx 6 km from Mussoorie. As it is at the highest point in this region which makes it one of the best stunning viewpoints. You can enjoy the view with the help of telescopes installed here and these are an aid in cherishing the stunning unfettering panoramas of Nilkantha peak in Badrinath, Kedarnath peak.
Lake Mist
This pristine lake mist is one of the most stunning destinations in the Mussoorie. Here the emerald water is covered by green forest terrain and this will offer you the whole scenario and it is ideal for spending the moments of selfies with your family.
Kempty fall
This perfect tourist spot is located on the way between Dehradun and Mussoorie and it is a beautiful cascade of water. Here waterfalls to the ground from an altitude of 40 feet. This area is surrounded by high mountain cliffs and all these make it a perfect picnic destination. Here you can dip in cool water and enjoy your waterfall picnic. Kempty word is taken from “Camp and tea’ which is because of the elaborate tea party that was used to organized here in the evening. The pond formed at the bottom of the falls makes this are perfect for bathing and swimming and makes your picnic perfect.
Cloud’s End
This spot marks the end of Mussoorie and this area is covered with thick jungles. This area will offer you a great view of Aglar River Valley and a lovely walking track.
Gun Hill
This is the second-highest peak of Mussoorie and is among the popular destinations of this hill station. This area will offer you an amazing view of the highest Himalayan ranges and best scenery view of Mussoorie town.
Mussoorie Mall road
This is a market area located in the heart of Mussoorie filled with modern shops, skating rinks and video game parlors.
Conclusion So these are some popular vacation destinations in Mussoorie. Please like, share and comment on which picnic spot cherish you most.