Nankmatta U.S. Nagar

Best Tourist Places to visit in Nanakmatta

This place is of high religious significance for Sikhs and this place is also home to very popular Gurudwara and a dam. This place is enriched with history and culture which all defines its past in new light and knowledge. 

In the past, this place was home to many yogis and sages. They were devotees of Guru Gorakhnath and they continue its spiritual importance with this Gurudwara Nanakmatta Sahib. People have faith that the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak dev came here for meditation. Here you can also see a very popular dam in the vicinity and is a popular touristic site for tourists and is a perfect spot for angling. Today this place is adorned with multiple Gurudwara and each is having their own story. Here thousands of devotees come to pay homage. If you are planning to visit this place and then you must not forget to visit the Nanakmatta shrine to experience tranquility and peace. 

Best Tourist Places to visit in Nanakmatta

NanakMatta Dam 

This one of the most attractive and popular places of this town and this dame is built on river Saryu eventually forming Nanak Sagar. This place is not just a dam but also a place for people to relax. This place is a perfect spot for a picnic, fishing, and boating and it all adds beauty to this charming town. 

Nanakmatta Gurudwara

This Gurudwara is a historical holy shrine for Sikhs and large numbers of devotees visit here to offer their prayers. This place-name is named after this Gurudwara. This place is enriched with history and you must visit this place to experience peace.

Doodh wala Khuan

The name of this place means “well of milk” and it has a very fascinating legend attached to it. It is believed that once Bhai Mardana expressed his wish for milk to Nanak Ji, then Nanak Ji suggests him to ask from yogis as they had a large number of cows. But Yogis turned down his request and insult him, then Nanak Ji with his spiritual powers drew all the milk from their cows and store that in well. 

Baoli Sahib 

This place is located near the Nanak Sagar dam on the banks of the Ghaghar river. This place was dried by yogis and they challenged Nanak Ji to bring water back. Nanak dev Ji asks Bhai Marada to drag the spade behind him to get the river back. This place was constructed after this.

Peepal Tree- Sri Baba Almast Ji Sahib Gurudwara

All popular place here is having their history and this all make this place a sacred place. This was dried peepal was Nanak Ji meditate and turn this peepal green with his holy people. 


So these are some popular places which you must visit during your Uttarakhand trip. Please like, share and comment on which place in Nanakmatta attracts you most.  

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